Clinical Epidemiology and Ageing

CEpiA au Congrès EuGMS, Berlin (Octobre 2018)

12 octobre 2018

Congres of the European Geriatric Medicine Society (EuGMS)

Marie LAURENT: orateur invité, Title session: Does frailty matter?, Title of the lecture: "Frailty and cancer" ; communication affichée : "Impact of geriatric assessment on the final decision on cancer treatment in elderly breast cancer patients: the ELCAPA cohort study" 

Claudia MARTINEZ-TAPIA : communcation orale : "Predicting frailty and geriatric interventions in older patients with cancer: performance of 2 screening tools for six frailty definitions (ELCAPA cohort)" ; communication affichée : "Preferences for surrogate designation and decision-making process in older versus younger adults with cancer: a comparative cross-sectional study"

Nadia OUBAYA : communcation orale : "Prognostic value of routine biomarkers in older patients with cancer: pooled analysis of three prospective cohorts"