Clinical Epidemiology and Ageing

CEpiA au Congrès de la SIOG (Génève, novembre 2019)

22 novembre 2019 · 0 commentaire(s)

Sept travaux de l’équipe ont été présentés au congrès de la Société International en Onco-Gériatrie (SIOG) du 14 au 16 novembre 2019 :

Nadia Oubaya et al. (Key Oral Presentation) “Prognostic value of inflammation-based routine biomarkers in older patients with cancer: pooled analysis of three prospective cohorts"

Florence Canouï-Poitrine et al. (3 communications orales) :

“Impact of geriatric assessment on survival, function, and nutritional status in older patients with head and neck cancer: preliminary results of the EGeSOR randomized multicenter controlled trial”

“Geriatric and oncological predictors of survival and chemotherapy toxicities in elderly patients with metastatic non small cell lung cancer: an analysis of ESOGIA trial"

“Depressive symptom profiles and survival in older patients with cancer: latent class analysis of the ELCAPA cohort study"

Claudia Martinez-Tapia et al. (Communication orale) “Obesity paradox in older cancer patients for middle and long-term mortality: a prospective multicentre cohort study”

Déborah Assouan et al. (Communication orale) “Cancer-specific mortality in the presence of competing causes of death among older adults, and the effect of geriatric factors on cancer mortality: a prospective, multicenter cohort study”

Fréderic Pamoukdjian et al. (Poster) ”Frailty parameters, morbidity and mortality in older adults with cancer: a structural equation modelling approach based on the fried phenotype”




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