Clinical Epidemiology and Ageing

Access to Care in France for Elderly Immigrants from North Africa: Influence of Socio-cultural Factors (the MATC Survey).

Duguet AM, Masmoudi T, Duchier J, Rwabihama J-P, Maatoug S Eur J Health Law. 2016;23(5):470-80.

<p>France is faced with an ageing migrant population, and in the institutions for elderly, migrants represent only 4% and very few come from the Maghreb. Is it the result of a kind of discrimination or of other factors such as culture and traditions? In France migrants have access to aid and prevention of dependency plans. The reluctance to enter into institutions is maintained by the fear of cultural abuse and/or language barriers, and difficulties in financial and administrative matters. From the interviews of the MATC survey, we have pointed out the importance of culture and the tradition of filial piety. Nevertheless, solidarity in the family is decreasing but remains the basis of the care support to the elderly. The will to keep them in the family may limit both the diagnosis and the access to specific care. This attitude contributes to a kind of self-discrimination.</p>

MeSH terms: Africa, Northern; Aged; Emigrants and Immigrants; France; Health Services Accessibility; Humans; Transients and Migrants
DOI: 10.1163/15718093-12341431