Clinical Epidemiology and Ageing

Health, illness and cancer in Mayotte: Multicultural experiences in a medically underserved French Territory.

Hagege M, Ali-Hamadi A, Oddou S, Serhal R, Isocarma T, Klass M, Khettab M Bull Cancer. 2022;109(2):241-245.

The island of Mayotte is part of the French territory and one of the European Union's Outermost Regions but there is a significant lack of data and research on health and cancers in Mayotte. This article reviews the literature on health, disease and cancer in Mayotte, from the perspectives of social science and epidemiology. It starts by shedding light on the specificities of Mahoran demography and society, and shows the healthcare infrastructure is insufficient to meet the population's needs. It then reviews social science studies on health and illness in Mayotte and shows that the political issue of migration permeates the management and the experiences of health on the island. It ends with a focus on the epidemiology of cervical cancer and a review of the available data on screening, treatment and prevention. The article concludes with a quick review of ongoing research and urgently calls for more data and research on this critical public health issue.

MeSH terms: Comoros; Cultural Diversity; Disease; Emigration and Immigration; Female; Health; Health Facilities; Health Services Needs and Demand; Healthcare Disparities; Humans; Mass Screening; Medically Underserved Area; Social Sciences; Socioeconomic Factors; Undocumented Immigrants; Uterine Cervical Neoplasms
DOI: 10.1016/j.bulcan.2022.01.006