Clinical Epidemiology and Ageing

[Meaning, research and knowledge].

Fromantin I, Canoui-Poitrine F, Engels C Rev Infirm. 2020;69(265):22-24.

Conceiving healthcare research as approachable by anyone makes it a tool for knowledge construction. The objective is to learn and to conduct a meaningful work, in order to improve quality of care. Research-as knowledge-forces reconsideration, deconstruction before reconstruction. To stay informed, to learn and to develop a research does not only imply to know what and where to search, but also to read in English, in one's field of practice. Teamwork allows to do with others what might be difficult alone.

MeSH terms: Humans; Knowledge; Learning; Research
DOI: 10.1016/j.revinf.2020.09.004