Clinical Epidemiology and Ageing

Prescription, Compliance, and Burden Associated with Salt-Restricted Diets in Heart Failure Patients: Results from the French National OFICSel Observatory.

Damy T, Benedyga V, Pezel T, Berthelot E, Gauthier J, Habib G, Iliou M-C, Aupetit J-F, Baudry G, De Groote P, Logeart D, Chaufourier L, Ciobotaru V, Pousset F, Beauvais F, Bauer F, Zores F, Lairez O, Richard K, Hittinger L, Teiger E, Taieb C, Audureau E Nutrients. 2022;14(2).

(1) Background: There is much debate about the use of salt-restricted diet for managing heart failure (HF). Dietary guidelines are inconsistent and lack evidence. (2) Method: The OFICSel observatory collected data about adults hospitalised for HF. The data, collected using study-specific surveys, were used to describe HF management, including diets, from the cardiologists' and patients' perspectives. Cardiologists provided the patients' clinical, biological, echocardiography, and treatment data, while the patients provided dietary, medical history, sociodemographic, morphometric, quality of life, and burden data (burden scale in restricted diets (BIRD) questionnaire). The differences between the diet recommended by the cardiologist, understood by the patient, and the estimated salt intake (by the patient) and diet burden were assessed. (3) Results: Between March and June 2017, 300 cardiologists enrolled 2822 patients. Most patients (90%) were recommended diets with <6 g of salt/day. Mean daily salt consumption was 4.7 g (standard deviation (SD): 2.4). Only 33% of patients complied with their recommended diet, 34% over-complied, and 19% under-complied (14% unknown). Dietary restrictions in HF patients were associated with increased burden (mean BIRD score of 8.1/48 [SD: 8.8]). (4) Conclusion: Healthcare professionals do not always follow dietary recommendations, and their patients do not always understand and comply with diets recommended. Restrictive diets in HF patients are associated with increased burden. An evidence-based approach to developing and recommending HF-specific diets is required.

MeSH terms: Aged; Cardiologists; Cross-Sectional Studies; Diet Surveys; Diet, Sodium-Restricted; Female; France; Heart Failure; Hospitalization; Humans; Male; Middle Aged; Nutrition Policy; Patient Compliance; Practice Patterns, Physicians'; Sodium Chloride, Dietary
DOI: 10.3390/nu14020308